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Terms & Conditions

Booking and Paying

When your booking is accepted, a confirmation email will be sent to you containing necessary details within 24 hours. Be sure to verify all information to ensure all your details are correct. Payment will be received by your tour guide end of the tour.

If you Wish to Make Changes

If you want to change any of the details of your booking after we have confirmed it, we will do our best to help you but in accordance to your changes the price of the tour may change as well.

If you Cancel

If you want to cancel your tour, you must send us a written cancellation. We will cancel your booking from the date we receive and acknowledge your written instruction. If your booking is cancelled you forfeit the deposit in its entirety.

Special Requests

We will do our best to pass on any special request to the appropriate persons / suppliers.

Travel Insurance

Insurance is not obligatory for daily trips in Turkey but all of our vehicles are insured.