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Pergamon Tour

  • Biblical Pergamon Tour
  • Private Pergamon Tour
  • Pergamon Tour
  • pergamon tour
  • Biblical Pergamon Tour
  • Private Pergamon Tour
  • Pergamon Tour
  • pergamon tour

Private Pergamon Tour 3

Itinerary :  Acropolis, Asklepion and Red Basilica
Duration:  Approximately 6 hours from Izmir

Pergamon Tour Description

 Your guide will be waiting to meet you at the port. After you’ve been welcomed your guide will take you to Pergamon. Pergamon is home for Acropolis, Asklepion and Red Church. Both are listed among the top 100 historical sites in the Mediterranean.

Your Pergamon tour will start with Acropolis. Pergamon was an important capital city in ancient times. Some of the most fantastic buildings and monuments date to the time of Eumenes the 2nd. These are the famed library, the theater, the main palace, the Altar of Zeus and the Temple of Athena. In the early Christian era, Pergamon’s church was a major center of Christianity. Because it was one of the Seven Churches of Revelation. The function of Acropolis was as much social and cultural as it was sacred.

When your acropolis tour finished you will have luch. You will have a chance to taste local food.

Asklepion was one of the earliest medical centers on record. And it is hometown of Galenos. He was known to be the physician of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Red Basilica built by Roman Empire.  It is one of the largest structures from ancient Greek world. The Temple built for Egyptian Gods firstly. In Byzantine period temple was converted into a Christian church. Today it serves as a mosque.

Pergamon Tour Includes

* Entrance fees & Parking Fees
* Professional English speaking guide licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism 
* Non-Smoking, air conditioned vehicle and professional driver
* Lunch
* Pick up and drop off

Pergamon Tour Excludes

* Any Drinks
* Tip to Guide and Driver

  Pax  2 Pax   3-6 Pax  7-9 Pax 10+ Pax
  Price From Kusadasi                N/A                N/A               N/A              N/A
  Price From Izmir              105 $                95 $               85 $              70 $

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Pergamon Tour
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